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Penis enlargement is one of the things to do almost every man lately. They began to realize the state of their penis which is mediocre or even can be considered small. Many ways that claim to enlarge the penis size ranging from supplements, pills, creams up through the penis surgery that will specifically discuss in this information.

Not infrequently, the man who realizes that such methods can cause a high risk of rupture of blood vessels and tearing of the tissues of the penis that leads to permanent impotence. From some of the existing research data showed that most men who want a large penis and perform the surgical procedure are not satisfied the results obtained. Of the many samples taken, the best results only add to the length of the penis by 1cm only.

The penis enlargement surgery is in two types, namely to add girth and lengthen the penis. Although both types of operation are different, in general, men who undergo this surgery selecting both the process is done. It was done purely for the sake of a dream, for the sake of getting a big penis and length in a short time.

6 Important Facts Regarding Penis Enlargement Surgery


  1. This surgical method  has a very high price, in the United States is priced from 5.000 to 10.000 USD.
  2. From a study conducted by the European Urology (2006) revealed a mean increase in penis size of only 1-1.5 cm. Even some plastic surgeons states are often the result obtained is less than that number.
  3. Expressed also by the American Urological Association that the operation has not been proven to enlarge the penis safely and efficiently supported by the absence of research results that give a report on the success of this method.
  4. Impact this operation may cause scars scar tissue, erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation of pleasure during sex, which is not normal erection angle of up to permanent impotence.
  5. A man after performing this surgical method it is possible to get the size of the penis is shorter than before. It happened because the extensive scar network that connects the penis to the pelvis so that it will withdraw the penis becomes increasingly short.
  6. In essence, this operation is performed ideally for those who are still in its infancy. When performed in adults outcome is uncertain, and there are no research results that support.

Is there Any Safe Penis Enlargement Product?

With through this information you will hopefully be able to understand better the dangers of penis enlargement methods, particularly surgical procedures as described above. If you intend to look for ways to do penis enlargement, make sure to do natural therapy instead.