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Do You Really Have A Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Of course, women love to have more enjoyable sex and there is really nothing wrong with that. There are natural aphrodisiacs that will improve your sexual health, your enjoyment of sex and your sexual prowess naturally by nourishing your body and nourishing your sexual organs.


But testosterone patches and topical creams may have really horrible side effects. They will disrupt your body’s normal hormonal balances and oftentimes they may even contain toxic chemicals.

What about designer vaginal surgery and laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery? Is this just glamorized genital mutilation? Why are some many women displeased with their genitals and going under the knife to “fix their genitals”? If most of what we learn about sex,¬† we learn from our peers, from TV movies and porn, is it any surprise that we are having the unrealistic expectation of sex? Or we have unrealistic expectations of what out body should look like? How well we educated about what is normal and what is abnormal anyway. But why would they want us to feel abnormal, why do we see so many commercials that say “ask your doctor if X drug is right for you.” How many of us are walking around thinking they are dysfunctional when the dysfunction is just a matter of somebody’s opinion? If I am going, go under the knife to fix myself I better be pretty damn sure there is something wrong with me in the first place.


So medicalization is the process of taking normal problems that people experience and then listing them as symptoms of a disorder. The pharmaceutical companies can create these disorders based on how they are going to use and market their drugs. It really makes perfect sense. A drug company observes that X drug has Y effect. And then they look for conditions for which Y would be a desirable effect. They then turn those conditions into symptoms¬† and find them a name, a disorder. So you have trouble sleeping at night, your legs shake because you don’t get enough exercise, or you may have a magnesium deficiency – now you have restless leg syndrome. Or you gear cranky before your period – you have premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Or you have trouble orgasming without clitoral stimulation – you have female sexual dysfunction. You get nervous in social situations – you must have social anxiety in a few years later.